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Like a 100mph slapshot to your wardrobe

School's out & the summer collection is in.

Kick-back and relax with the summer short-sleeve tee, the perfect t-shirt for enjoying your downtime. It is comfy, and stylish, and it works in any situation. Keep it on the down low with the summer low profile cap, it's an ideal one-size-fits-all choice.

CCM Golf apparel is here!

Drive down the center of the fairway and look like a pro sporting our new selection of polos and perforated caps. The bonus, they come in a variety of colors for you and him.

The Core Collection

Comfort to the core all year around. With a wide range of color combination possibilities, you'll always be in style off the ice. Our most anticipated collection has everything you need from hoodies to sweats, and more.

The Vintage Collection

Our three-block logo bleeds so much history. It is as iconic today as it was thirty years ago. With color block graphic jackets and timeless polos, embellished with our hottest Vintage logo, these pieces will amp up your denim and speak to our legacy.