Change Comes from Movement

Working towards making a difference


To inspire dreams and empower every player to fulfill their passion while enjoying their game.


To be the leading brand on and off the ice, by delivering innovative products and outstanding experience to our athletes and partners everywhere, all while putting our employees and communities at the forefront.


To be the best, we need to change the narrative and remove any, and all barriers. We become greater when we work together as a team, as equals, and reflect the diversity of our consumers and customers. Embracing the uniqueness of each and every individual in our community.

Hear what Erin Ambrose has to say about her hockey career and mental health.

We could all draw inspiration from Erin Ambrose on how to be better teammates and make hockey a better, more inclusive place.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion isn’t something we need to do, it’s something we are. Through hockey, we have the ability to make a difference and it’s time we make this sport for everyone.


CCM sees no color, race or ethnicity. We need to bring attention and awareness to the lack of inclusion and diversity in sport and commit ourselves to showcasing the differences in our representation and through our support.


Creating equal opportunities for everyone in all aspects of life. We stand by driving the importance and awareness around women athletes and under privileged communities when it comes to growing the game and cultural representation. 


Eliminating barriers or obstacles ​for people with physical disabilities. We recognize our ability to build opportunity through our products and as a company, we are working towards making our brand, services and products more accessible to everyone that wants to play.

Keeping our promise
This is just the beginning, with lots more work to do. Learn more about our efforts in making diversity, equality, and inclusion part of everything we do.

Akim Aliu’s experience in hockey was anything but smooth. He endured hardships and acts of racism during his career – which no one should experience. He now dedicates his time and voice in finding ways to tell his story and eliminate that for future generations.

We are challenging the narrative and mindset that women’s hockey “isn’t as strong” as men’s. Women’s hockey has come a long way in the last 20 years and there’s still plenty of work and room to be done in growing the sport.​ 

Project North, a non-for-profit organization, dedicates themselves to providing enriching experiences rooted in play, providing tools and education to improve the lives of the next generation of children.  

Our Children’s Medicine, a non-for-profit organization, aims to reduce the unconscious bias around Indigenous culture and provides their communities with an equal opportunity while enhancing the lives through sports and curricular activities.​ 

Tyler Mcgregor is on a mission to bring awareness and funds to cancer research and encourage people with similar stories that anything is possible with his Sledge Skate for Hope.